Foam Alphablocks

materials: EVA foam sheets, pre-made cardboard letterforms, a ridiculous amount of different types of glue

I've always wanted to make some alphabet blocks! When the community-powered project 36 Days of Type rolled around in early 2020, I was on a long trip to Berlin without any art supplies and craving a project. I found a collection of palm-sized cardboard letters and beautifully tactile foam sheets at a local art store and felt inspired to give it a go.

Working with EVA foam is humbling. While it has a pleasant look and feel, it doesn’t recover from boo-boos particularly well, and it's a big bummer to hand-cut tiny bits from. A great opportunity to practice precision, I guess, because BOY can you see the mistakes. (Annoying in some contexts, helpful in others!) Playing with the 3D forms was the big learning opportunity for me in this project—letters like F that required thinking about consistency in and around multiple facets, letters like K that were better off improvised than planned out in advance, letters like L which offered unexpected alignment puzzles.

This project is half-finished and/or still in progress. Maybe it'll wrap up in 2021! For detailed process shots + write-ups, check out #alphabooky.