2500 Squares (2019)

2500 Squares (2019)

materials: yarn, crochet hooks, digital pattern generator

Freshly humbled by two years of failing to complete the 100 Day Project, I decided to celebrate my 5th year of doing the project by collecting everything I had learned and trying to design the "perfect" project — one that could truly be completed in 100 days regardless of illness, travel, or various distractions.


  • Quick: ideally can be done during my morning coffee and photographed on my morning commute
  • Clean: no mess, minimal materials, easy to take on the go
  • Idea-free: daily inspiration should always be readily available, not a concept I need to plan out or get precious about
  • Cumulative: forms one final piece that isn't a pain to transport

    I picked a technique that was new to me and ripe for personal improvement: crochet. (Specifically, a particular type called Corner-To-Corner (C2C) that only uses two types of stitches to build diagonal rows of squares.) My partner Josh and I built a program I could use every day to randomly generate a 5x5 pattern of pixels using white (weighted 15x), black, and 1 of 5 set colors:

    Play with it, peek under the hood, or remix your own version here: 2500squares.glitch.me